Upgrading to the latest Magento 1.9.x Release with rsync via commandline

If you want more tutorial like this, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. This video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRm8wYt3T-8&feature=youtu.be and will help in the process of demystifying some of the common Magento administration tasks and making your life as a Magento Merchant or Admin a little bit easier. Be sure to subscribe for the latest tutorials. This is a brief tutorial on how to Upgrade Magento from to, the newest release. –This will not work for upgrading from 1x to Continue reading →

5 Various Things to do with Binder Clips for 2018

It’s the 2nd day of 2018 and you have absolutely nothing better to do than to plan with the binder clips you received as a promo item in your Swag Bag from this morning’s marketing event. So, here are the top 5 things to do with your Vari Binder Clip today. Pen and Card Holder Desktop Business Card Holder New Years Resolution List Holder Make Your Own VARI Robot Teach Your VARI Robot to Write Thank You Letters

Audit Questionnaire

Equifax lost millions of personal records earlier in 2017. Sony and Target were both breached in 2016 losing millions of records of their customers. Yahoo has lost control of hundreds of millions of records leading to endless phishing scams and fraudulently email campaigns resulting in tremendous financial loss. Those are 4 multi-billion dollar corporations that lost track of the fact that their client data is their most valuable asset and the target of malicious hackers around the world. How is your business any different? Are Continue reading →

Tweaking AutoCorrect Options

I’m not a fan of AutoCorrect in my Excel or Calc program. As such, there are some tweaks that should be done. Disable Recognition of URLS: Libre Calc source (https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Turning_off_Automatic_URL_Recognition) Turn off URL Recognition Load a document of the type for which you want to modify the URL recognition. If you want to modify the URL recognition for text documents, open a text document. Choose Tools – AutoCorrect – AutoCorrect Options. In the AutoCorrect dialog, select the Options tab. If you unmark URL Recognition, words will no longer be automatically replaced Continue reading →

Saving your CSV files with Formulas

Whenever you are working with Formulas within Libre Calc or Excel, you will often want to save the formulas for reuse on other data sets. You can do this by going to File, Save As…, then saving the file as a ODS (OpenDocumentSpreadSheet) which is a universal file. You can also save as an XLSX file, but that with have some glitches between Excel and Cacl. LibreOffice Calc Microsoft Excel

Finding non-ASCII characters

Sourced from Stackoverflow.com (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2124010/grep-regex-to-match-non-ascii-characters) thanks to Alix Axel This will match a single non-ASCII character: [^\x00-\x7F] This is a valid PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression). You can also use the POSIX shorthands: [[:ascii:]] - matches a single ASCII char [^[:ascii:]] - matches a single non-ASCII char For Libre Calc or Libre Write do a Find & Replace (Ctrl + H) to get this menu:

A Lesson on Monitors

People frequently ask me what monitor I suggest. So, I’ve decided to keep a little blog post going that describes a few good options. First off, you may need to understand the difference between 4K vs 1440P and 1080P resolutions. If you take a look at this image, you will notice that a 4k screen is exactly the equal of 4 1080p screens. A comfortable size 1080p monitor is between 23″ and 27″ depending on your preferences. I like all of the fonts and icons Continue reading →

Create Hyperlinks in Magento Product Description

Creating a hyperlink in a Magento product description is pretty straight forward. It works like any plain HTML link anywhere on the web. You can simply use this syntax:  <a href=”address-you-want-to-link” title=”The Name of the Link”>The Text that is viewable</a> In case of a category: “http://www.myangeldirect.com/candles/misc/accessories” you want this part after the domain, including the slash http://www.myangeldirect.com/candles/misc/accessories

Turning Your Love Into Money, Without Loving Money

Here are 4 of my top links and why I think they are genius Blippi – https://blippi.com/ He acts like a silly Muppet character, lives in the middle of no-where in Washington state, and has figured out a way to make money having fun while doing something productive. On top of all that, he gives parents an EASY way to download the video content to their own devicies to save on bandwidth which could be a huge benefit if you are going on an airplane Continue reading →