Mad Dash for the Cyber Monday – By SpringBot

Last week at the Magento Meetup for the Southeast here in Atlanta, I had the honor to hear Joe’s presentation on how to prepare for the mad dash from Nov 1 through Cyber Monday and into the New Year. It was a refreshing, concise set of action items that any merchant can implement. Of course, the tools allow you to implement certain of these action items in an easy way. Checkout the details and download the white paper at:

Benefits of our hosting – Revised

The time has come, where hosting is out pacing my ability to keep up! With virtualization and now containerization, I see the hosting landscape changing dramatically over the next few years. No doubt, people will always need a good server to host a basic website using cPanel. But I think that software architects will begin to write their code in such a way that containers are the future of the internet. Until then, I have two AWESOME hosting companies that I like to work with. Continue reading →

Best Place to Buy Domain Names

We are constantly buying new domain names and often are asked by our customers where they should buy their domains. There is one answer for your next domain name registrar: Just make sure you take advantage of domain name privacy (whois privacy or private whois). This protects your identity as the domain owner. Most people put their home address and their email address on the whois information and it makes it real easy to find you and your family. Here are variux we are Continue reading →