SSHFS automount at boot with fstab on Ubuntu 14.04

I was able to make sshfs mount via fstab with Ubuntu 14.04 by doing using the following syntax as a standard user (note anything in CAPS is a variable for you to fill in): USER@HOST:/REMOTE_DIR /LOCAL_DIR fuse.sshfs delay_connect,_netdev,user,idmap=user,transform_symlinks,identityfile=/home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa,allow_other,default_permissions,uid=USER_ID,gid=USER_GID 0 0 This is a combination of the information found here and adding the **delay_connect** from here I used this tutorial to get my USER_ID and USER_GID: To find a user’s UID or GID in Unix, use the id command. To find a specific Continue reading →

Magento 1.8 CE Import/Export from Shell on Bitnami

I’m running a Magento Commerce Community Edition store with 17k + skus. Previously, I only had 3k skus so I could use the build in Data Flow Profiles to import and export with ease. However, when I added the extra 14k skus, the web interface would hang. Furthermore, it would require me to leave the browser window open ” Warning: Please do not close the window during importing/exporting data ” which would preclude me from being able to start the processes at the end of Continue reading →

Your 2014 Tax Refund is Already Spent!

I already spent your tax refund next year!  It’s not going to be a vacation, definitely not a new car and sadly enough, it’s not even going to be a new gun. Unless you live in a cave and wash your laundry in a bucket, I know exactly what you are going to buy.  Well…that may not be entirely true, but if you are still limping around the internet on a computer running Microsoft Windows® XP, then you definitely need to read on. Unfortunately, all Continue reading →

Why Am I Not in Google?

I recently received this email from one of my customers: Hey David I just did a Google search on “landscaping marietta” “landscaping marietta ga” and “lawn care marietta” and we are no where to be found in the first 50 pages.  How is that possible?  I know it takes time for it to move up but how do we ever get it to move if it isn’t any where to be found?  All I see are the ads that we have posted. While I’m not Continue reading →

Byte Level Data Replication to Remote Server

The following was suggested from “Re: Byte Level Replication under Linux Update: After quite a bit of research and product trials I came down to a few solutions. One of which was not actually replicating the data on our RHEL server but just doing normal byte level replication inside the Windows hosts that we run under VMware on the RHEL box. That proved to be costly as software like DoubleTake isn’t cheap. We would also need a pair of licenses for every Windows host Continue reading →

Setup a Dreamweaver Site to work with cPanel and FTP

This method bypasses the Wizard and uses Advanced Settings As elementary as it may be, I would be remiss if I did not state the obvious prerequesites for this process. A domain name (which we at will provide) Correct DNS settings if you are hosting with a company other than where you bought your domain name Unix hosting with cPanel (which we at will provide) This process was done from a Windows XP machine, but the Mac and Vista process is going to Continue reading →