Saving your CSV files with Formulas

Whenever you are working with Formulas within Libre Calc or Excel, you will often want to save the formulas for reuse on other data sets. You can do this by going to File, Save As…, then saving the file as a ODS (OpenDocumentSpreadSheet) which is a universal file. You can also save as an XLSX file, but that with have some glitches between Excel and Cacl. LibreOffice Calc Microsoft Excel

Finding non-ASCII characters

Sourced from ( thanks to Alix Axel This will match a single non-ASCII character: [^\x00-\x7F] This is a valid PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression). You can also use the POSIX shorthands: [[:ascii:]] - matches a single ASCII char [^[:ascii:]] - matches a single non-ASCII char For Libre Calc or Libre Write do a Find & Replace (Ctrl + H) to get this menu: